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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I was born in 1960 so I'm part of this "baby boom".  Meaning we now have the largest population of people becoming older than ever in history.  We also have to take into account "average life span".  Meaning most people didn't use to live past 50 years of age.  Medical advances have extended our lives.  Take a look at the number of famous men for example who have had heart surgery in their 50's.  These are men who would have died back 30 or 40 years ago.

Take addicts and alcoholics.  We didn't use to live long either.  Before Alcoholics Anonymous, alcoholics were sent to sanitariums, or "wet farms" to die in peace.  That's because they would drink until their liver died, or their brains literally got "wet" and stopped functioning from drinking.   After AA though, addicts were dying.  Then came Narcotics Anonymous and we got a whole generation now of addicts getting older.

Take the Vietnam veterans.  About 80 percent of them came back with drug and/or alcohol problems combined with PTSD.  So they got divorced, couldn't hold a job, got depressed, and would turn to drugs and crime.  Those men then started getting into recovery in the 1980's and 90's.  I attended a lot of NA meetings for veterans where they helped me with my PTSD.

I've seen a lot of "cures" come out over the years for addiction withdrawal too.  Like this "rapid detox" I saw pushed on Dr. Phil's show.  Only then I started hearing about people dying.  Just like I remember when Oprah did her liquid diet and then everyone I knew was on one.  Then she gained the weight again and came out with a different method of "loving yourself".   Now it's Weight Watchers.  Let's face it guys - these people are snake oil salesman.  Like all con artists - they're charming, loveable, and gain your trust.  Here's more information on this "rapid detox" by the way being promoted to get people off this supposed "pain killer epidemic".

WE ARE NOT HAVING AN EPIDEMIC.  We are OLD.  People are living longer than than ever. Now in the old days when you'd get old and in pain what would you do?  Go and live with family.  But now older people are having to work.  If you have to work and you're in pain you do what?  You go out and get in pain treatment.

Now everyone wants to push medical marijuana for pain treatment.  Only guess what?  Medical marijuana is not for everyone.  What if you're a recovering addict?  Marijuana has been shown to increase tumor growth. What if you have a tumor problem?  Marijuana has also been shown to increase appetite.  What if you're overweight?  The last thing you need then is an attack of the munchies.  Marijuana has also been shown to increase anxiety.  What if you have an anxiety disorder?  I once watched a woman like me take medical marijuana for her pain issues who then blew up to 400 pounds.  Then they pitched her weight loss surgery.  Only she had oxygen cut off to her brain during the weight surgery and she came out like an Alzheimer's patient.  She was better off fat!

Look, Sheldon Adelson is promoting medical marijuana by pretending to fight it.  It's exactly right out of the big tobacco handbook when they were fighting smoking in teenagers while denying their product was harmful or addictive.   The "youth smoking prevention" campaign was a smoke screen to market their product to kids.  How?  Say "don't think about a pink elephant" and guess what happens?
You think about a pink elephant.

It's great marketing.  Talk about how there's an "epidemic" in pain killer abuse when the reality is we have now more old people in pain management because they have to work now because of the economy.  Get people to restrict the pain killers to the pharmacies.  Crack down on pain doctors.  Crack down on pharmacists.  Chase as many people in pain into the medical marijuana dispensaries as possible.  Which if it works for you great.  But my daughter had a 26 pound tumor removed from her and I am trying to lose a great deal of weight.  Neither one of us would benefit from medical marijauna being plugged as "oh so harmless" by Kris Jenner feeding to her mother.   But her mother is frail and needs to eat.  I'm one dorito bag from disaster!

So when you're reading the news about this "pain killer epidemic" keep in mind how much of what you're reading isn't very clever marketing.

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