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Friday, November 13, 2015


I've been trying to figure out what it was that was bugging me about the whole controversy of Brooks and the House of Orange County with respect to the "proof" of his cancer diagnosis.  Everyone kept saying "well why not just release a copy of your records and get this out in the open"?  Last night watching the reunion, I was able to put my finger on it.

In 2004, my mother died and I was left with her dog, Elvis.  He was a yorkshire terrier and my mom hadn't really been that with it.  So the dog had an abyss of some kind I don't know what it was.  But there was a huge growth on the side of his jaw.  I took the dog to the vet and the tests alone were $4000.  Lord knows what the surgery was going to cost me.  I don't know because I didn't make it that far.  I don't have that kind of money and felt I owed it to my mom to try and save the dog rather than just put him down.  So I set up online fund raisers.

We raised the $4,000 through one charity for his tests.  They said it would be another $3,000 for the surgery.  Now to let donors know there was no "funny business" I put up the name of the vet's office right on all the fund raising. I gave permission to the vet to show anyone who calls his records to prove he was really sick and to let people know that this was not a con.  To make sure people knew it was all legit - I was letting them donate right to the vet directly.  We had used the $4000 for all the tests and now we had to raise the money for the surgery.  You would have thought that would have worked right?

No - what happened was people started accusing the vets office of running a "scam" and making up the whole story of the dog.  I had people insisting I show them the dog in person and meet with them to show them the dog was "real".  Photos weren't good enough.  Now why would I go and meet some stranger to show them the dog was real?  I told a few of these callers "sure - if you intend on donating then I'll meet with you".

I found the converse - those who donated $300 and $500 at a time didn't ask me a bunch of questions.  Those however who were insisting on seeing the dog with their own eyes just wanted to cause trouble.  I told these people I'd meet them at the vet with the dog and if upon seeing  the dog they would donate to his surgery then I'd meet with them - otherwise I am not here to satisfy people's need to cause drama and controversy.  I had just lost my mother, I had a sick daughter and a sick dog to deal with.

The vets office raised $2000 of the $3,000 and then suddenly calls me up to tell me they gave all the money back and then they told me to "find another vet for Elvis".  I'm like what happened?  This was the best vet in Vegas in my opinion that I had just been kicked out of.  They told me "those people will redonate to you another vet".  Like hell they will.  They just got their money refunded like there was a problem - there's no way they would redonate now there's suspicion in the air.  They didn't either.  I mean the vet just refunded their money like there was a problem.  They wouldn't talk to me after that.

The vet said that people started insinuating they were running a scam for one.  Second, their desk was being tied up answering 100 calls a day from people who wanted them to fax over to them copies of his records to them to prove he was real.  They were being bombarded with calls to fax records by people who had no intention on donating and frankly the vet said their job was to work with animals - not help me fund raise.  But they said when their reputation started being called into question - that's when they had to distance themselves from us as clients.  I BEGGED the vet not to force me to find another vet at least - and they refused.  They said they were not going to risk having their reputation called into question by these people and I needed to take Elvis elsewhere - which in my opinion was to a less qualified vet.

So by being "open" - I lost myself a good vet.  This is a crazy world out there and Brooks might, just might, know that whoever his doctor is would be then bombarded with calls about how truthful the records are.  They also know their credentials would then be called into question.  There is also something seriously wrong when City of Hope DENIES he's a patient.  I'm sorry but I'm of the understanding that a medical provider is not supposed to deny or confirm a patient.

Now what did that prove?  It proved that the hospital got a phone call about whether or not Brooks was a patient.  I'm sure it wasn't only one call either.  On top of it, like the vet I'm sure whoever has diagnosed Brook as having cancer is then going to find themselves on the hot seat.

If this was family - I would understand and say yes he should show the records and proof.  However, being on TV and being the way people are online these days I think he is absolutely within his right mind to not want to give any one information as to where he is, or is not, receiving medical treatment.  There's no way I'd post the information about where my daughter is receiving medical care because I already know the trolls would just start bombarding them with calls about her diagnosis.  She has a good doctor and it's one thing to lose a vet and another to lose a neurologist.

Now do  I think Brooks has cancer?  Nope.  But I STRONGLY am offended by the people on the show thinking that it's "no big deal" to be exposing his medical records to the public with the way people are crazy.  I know.  I've been there and I feel those trolls killed my mom's dog.  I was not able to raise the $3000 with the trolls on to our ass.  The minute I would set up a fund raiser - they started talking about how the vet had given the money back and we were no longer with that vet, and everything they could to make sure no one donated to us.  Why these people got off on making sure that dog didn't get surgery - I don't know.

Of course these people left out of the conversation THEY were the reason we got kicked out of the vets care and it was THEIR harassment as to why the vet gave that money back.  No - these people just were out for blood period.  They got it too.  Elvis died two months later.  Thankfully he just fell asleep and died.

But I know first hand that if Brooks did have cancer and did put his records online - these people would be all over him like it's their business.  Well you know what?  It's not your business.  Megan it's not your business whether he has cancer or not.  It was not any of those housewives' business if he had cancer or not.  Own it - they didn't like him with Vicki and they wanted to break them up.  Again, I don't think it was any of their business.

Something is wrong with our society when the sense of privacy and boundaries is gone.  To my knowledge he wasn't running a fund raiser for his cancer.  If he wanted to walk around and gain sympathy for being a cancer victim - it's not my business unless I'm related to Vicki and/or Brooks in some fashion or unless it harms me in some fashion.

Honestly - you don't have anything better to do with your time than wonder whether he's got cancer?  I got a lot of things I could use help with.  Every day sex trafficking victims need help all over this country.  There's not enough beds for them in treatment.   In Los Angeles there is about 900 foster parents for 3,000 kids from what I read who need help.

Megan - instead of running around in Vicki's business - how about you hold some event to help find foster parents for these kids?  You clearly need something better to do with your time.  There are an estimated 3,000 minors on the streets right now prostituting and there's no foster parents to take them in.  You want something more productive to do than sniffing around Brooks medical records?  Call me

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