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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I found an article in Cosmopolitan today saying this: Now I remember a letter identical to this going out to the editor of the Chicago Manual of Style. I wrote a long counter to that letter. Their letter to him asked that he publish in his guide that reporters should refer to "all" prostitution as "rape" and to not allow a reporter to use the word "prostitute" for adults That basically got round filed.

So now they're backing up and making this about children to try and get traction. Why? Because they lost the lawsuit that struck down how they were using money to control the language people were using that's quite powerful. if language was not the most powerful tool there is on earth - Chomsky wouldn't have devoted his career to the power of words and language. His book "Manufacturing Consent" is quite informative. Below is my temporary response. I will write a more well thought out one after I get some sleep. I was up last night talking to a woman in Vegas who had just left her pimp and she has nothing. She just turned 19 years old and no juvenile program will help her. So I was up all night talking to her, and then I got this call from Metro Internal Affairs I blogged about earlier Which means I've been up all night working with real victims and I"m tired. Dear Ms. Gupta:

It says "activists" not "survivors" and not those who work with these kids. Speaking from experience, when you call one of these kids a "trafficking victim" they have no idea what you're talking about. When they hear "trafficking victim" in the news, or documentaries, or events - they think you're talking about someone else - not them  

These kids SELF identify as "prostitutes" Much as I hate to say it but many African American's call themselves the "n" word. Now you can argue that an African American can't call themselves the "n" word and then you're going to get told "unless you're one of us don't tell us what to call ourselves". That's what's happening here. The term "victim" is a legal term. It is not what these calls call themselves at the time they're being trafficked. I have witnessed video interviews of these kids going "oh I saw you on TV" to the producers.  

The producers than said "well then why are you out here?" To which the kids said "well that doesn't apply to me" I've been doing outreach for 30 YEARS now, and I'm the FOUNDER OF THIS MOVEMENT and I can assure you that I've watched as those who call us "victims", ESPECIALLY with these kids, the kids just scratch their heads and don't think you're talking about them.  

Now if an African American can stand up and tell you that what they call themselves is up to them, not a white man, to tell them, than as a survivor of trafficking - I'm going to tell these "activists" (I know who you are too) to please stop trying to label us with words THEY are comfortable with and that THEY identify with. Yes I agree that all children under legal age are statutory RAPE victims.  

So how about we call them that? RAPE victims - because legally that's what they are. But you don't go out into the field and call them a "statutory rape victim". Do you want to know what's more useful in helping this fight? How about the fact the legal age in Nevada is FIFTEEN years of age?  

How about the fact that in Nevada SIXTEEN YEAR olds are working in strip clubs and legal brothels and they ARE NOT CALLED TRAFFICKING OR RAPE victims. How about that? Let's talk about that. The reason why we're not is because the "activists" behind this petition LOST when the TVRA of 2003 was repealed by the Supreme court. Now they're grasping at straws to try to further THEIR agenda. MY agenda when I started this movement was getting what is trafficking recognized as such so we could change our system to respond to them.  

Right now a 16 year working in a legal brothel or a legal strip club - can't call 911 and report as a trafficking victim even if being FORCED TO WORK in that club. Why? Because the system isn't even trying to understand what a "victim" is - let alone do outreach to them. Do you SEE THESE ACTIVISTS going into the strip clubs and brothels in Nevada? Hell no They won't even discuss it because they're doing busy doing nonsense like this. Fighting over WHAT TO CALL US instead of DOING SOMETHING TO HELP US. If you want to DO SOMETHING call

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