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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I was born in 1960 so I'm part of this "baby boom".  Meaning we now have the largest population of people becoming older than ever in history.  We also have to take into account "average life span".  Meaning most people didn't use to live past 50 years of age.  Medical advances have extended our lives.  Take a look at the number of famous men for example who have had heart surgery in their 50's.  These are men who would have died back 30 or 40 years ago.

Take addicts and alcoholics.  We didn't use to live long either.  Before Alcoholics Anonymous, alcoholics were sent to sanitariums, or "wet farms" to die in peace.  That's because they would drink until their liver died, or their brains literally got "wet" and stopped functioning from drinking.   After AA though, addicts were dying.  Then came Narcotics Anonymous and we got a whole generation now of addicts getting older.

Take the Vietnam veterans.  About 80 percent of them came back with drug and/or alcohol problems combined with PTSD.  So they got divorced, couldn't hold a job, got depressed, and would turn to drugs and crime.  Those men then started getting into recovery in the 1980's and 90's.  I attended a lot of NA meetings for veterans where they helped me with my PTSD.

I've seen a lot of "cures" come out over the years for addiction withdrawal too.  Like this "rapid detox" I saw pushed on Dr. Phil's show.  Only then I started hearing about people dying.  Just like I remember when Oprah did her liquid diet and then everyone I knew was on one.  Then she gained the weight again and came out with a different method of "loving yourself".   Now it's Weight Watchers.  Let's face it guys - these people are snake oil salesman.  Like all con artists - they're charming, loveable, and gain your trust.  Here's more information on this "rapid detox" by the way being promoted to get people off this supposed "pain killer epidemic".

WE ARE NOT HAVING AN EPIDEMIC.  We are OLD.  People are living longer than than ever. Now in the old days when you'd get old and in pain what would you do?  Go and live with family.  But now older people are having to work.  If you have to work and you're in pain you do what?  You go out and get in pain treatment.

Now everyone wants to push medical marijuana for pain treatment.  Only guess what?  Medical marijuana is not for everyone.  What if you're a recovering addict?  Marijuana has been shown to increase tumor growth. What if you have a tumor problem?  Marijuana has also been shown to increase appetite.  What if you're overweight?  The last thing you need then is an attack of the munchies.  Marijuana has also been shown to increase anxiety.  What if you have an anxiety disorder?  I once watched a woman like me take medical marijuana for her pain issues who then blew up to 400 pounds.  Then they pitched her weight loss surgery.  Only she had oxygen cut off to her brain during the weight surgery and she came out like an Alzheimer's patient.  She was better off fat!

Look, Sheldon Adelson is promoting medical marijuana by pretending to fight it.  It's exactly right out of the big tobacco handbook when they were fighting smoking in teenagers while denying their product was harmful or addictive.   The "youth smoking prevention" campaign was a smoke screen to market their product to kids.  How?  Say "don't think about a pink elephant" and guess what happens?
You think about a pink elephant.

It's great marketing.  Talk about how there's an "epidemic" in pain killer abuse when the reality is we have now more old people in pain management because they have to work now because of the economy.  Get people to restrict the pain killers to the pharmacies.  Crack down on pain doctors.  Crack down on pharmacists.  Chase as many people in pain into the medical marijuana dispensaries as possible.  Which if it works for you great.  But my daughter had a 26 pound tumor removed from her and I am trying to lose a great deal of weight.  Neither one of us would benefit from medical marijauna being plugged as "oh so harmless" by Kris Jenner feeding to her mother.   But her mother is frail and needs to eat.  I'm one dorito bag from disaster!

So when you're reading the news about this "pain killer epidemic" keep in mind how much of what you're reading isn't very clever marketing.

Friday, February 26, 2016


I remember watching a clip about how anyone who bought, or even checked out a copy of "Catcher in the Rye" was put on a watch list for the FBI because supposedly men like the Waco Bomber had all read the book shortly before going nuts.  They showed how they tracked it with the ISBN number and even your credit card information was provided to them.

For that reason, I have kept our "Recovery Guide" for off Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. so that they couldn't pull a list of members by pulling a list of book customers.  However, now I'm hearing that people don't "trust" ordering a book from us as self-publishers because "everyone" is on Amazon nowadays!  I'm trying to guarantee their anonymity - and for that  I could be labeled a "terrorist"?  What a catch-22.  Pretty soon if you breathe air you'll be on the list.

The mark of the beast fast approaches.

Friday, November 13, 2015


I've been trying to figure out what it was that was bugging me about the whole controversy of Brooks and the House of Orange County with respect to the "proof" of his cancer diagnosis.  Everyone kept saying "well why not just release a copy of your records and get this out in the open"?  Last night watching the reunion, I was able to put my finger on it.

In 2004, my mother died and I was left with her dog, Elvis.  He was a yorkshire terrier and my mom hadn't really been that with it.  So the dog had an abyss of some kind I don't know what it was.  But there was a huge growth on the side of his jaw.  I took the dog to the vet and the tests alone were $4000.  Lord knows what the surgery was going to cost me.  I don't know because I didn't make it that far.  I don't have that kind of money and felt I owed it to my mom to try and save the dog rather than just put him down.  So I set up online fund raisers.

We raised the $4,000 through one charity for his tests.  They said it would be another $3,000 for the surgery.  Now to let donors know there was no "funny business" I put up the name of the vet's office right on all the fund raising. I gave permission to the vet to show anyone who calls his records to prove he was really sick and to let people know that this was not a con.  To make sure people knew it was all legit - I was letting them donate right to the vet directly.  We had used the $4000 for all the tests and now we had to raise the money for the surgery.  You would have thought that would have worked right?

No - what happened was people started accusing the vets office of running a "scam" and making up the whole story of the dog.  I had people insisting I show them the dog in person and meet with them to show them the dog was "real".  Photos weren't good enough.  Now why would I go and meet some stranger to show them the dog was real?  I told a few of these callers "sure - if you intend on donating then I'll meet with you".

I found the converse - those who donated $300 and $500 at a time didn't ask me a bunch of questions.  Those however who were insisting on seeing the dog with their own eyes just wanted to cause trouble.  I told these people I'd meet them at the vet with the dog and if upon seeing  the dog they would donate to his surgery then I'd meet with them - otherwise I am not here to satisfy people's need to cause drama and controversy.  I had just lost my mother, I had a sick daughter and a sick dog to deal with.

The vets office raised $2000 of the $3,000 and then suddenly calls me up to tell me they gave all the money back and then they told me to "find another vet for Elvis".  I'm like what happened?  This was the best vet in Vegas in my opinion that I had just been kicked out of.  They told me "those people will redonate to you another vet".  Like hell they will.  They just got their money refunded like there was a problem - there's no way they would redonate now there's suspicion in the air.  They didn't either.  I mean the vet just refunded their money like there was a problem.  They wouldn't talk to me after that.

The vet said that people started insinuating they were running a scam for one.  Second, their desk was being tied up answering 100 calls a day from people who wanted them to fax over to them copies of his records to them to prove he was real.  They were being bombarded with calls to fax records by people who had no intention on donating and frankly the vet said their job was to work with animals - not help me fund raise.  But they said when their reputation started being called into question - that's when they had to distance themselves from us as clients.  I BEGGED the vet not to force me to find another vet at least - and they refused.  They said they were not going to risk having their reputation called into question by these people and I needed to take Elvis elsewhere - which in my opinion was to a less qualified vet.

So by being "open" - I lost myself a good vet.  This is a crazy world out there and Brooks might, just might, know that whoever his doctor is would be then bombarded with calls about how truthful the records are.  They also know their credentials would then be called into question.  There is also something seriously wrong when City of Hope DENIES he's a patient.  I'm sorry but I'm of the understanding that a medical provider is not supposed to deny or confirm a patient.

Now what did that prove?  It proved that the hospital got a phone call about whether or not Brooks was a patient.  I'm sure it wasn't only one call either.  On top of it, like the vet I'm sure whoever has diagnosed Brook as having cancer is then going to find themselves on the hot seat.

If this was family - I would understand and say yes he should show the records and proof.  However, being on TV and being the way people are online these days I think he is absolutely within his right mind to not want to give any one information as to where he is, or is not, receiving medical treatment.  There's no way I'd post the information about where my daughter is receiving medical care because I already know the trolls would just start bombarding them with calls about her diagnosis.  She has a good doctor and it's one thing to lose a vet and another to lose a neurologist.

Now do  I think Brooks has cancer?  Nope.  But I STRONGLY am offended by the people on the show thinking that it's "no big deal" to be exposing his medical records to the public with the way people are crazy.  I know.  I've been there and I feel those trolls killed my mom's dog.  I was not able to raise the $3000 with the trolls on to our ass.  The minute I would set up a fund raiser - they started talking about how the vet had given the money back and we were no longer with that vet, and everything they could to make sure no one donated to us.  Why these people got off on making sure that dog didn't get surgery - I don't know.

Of course these people left out of the conversation THEY were the reason we got kicked out of the vets care and it was THEIR harassment as to why the vet gave that money back.  No - these people just were out for blood period.  They got it too.  Elvis died two months later.  Thankfully he just fell asleep and died.

But I know first hand that if Brooks did have cancer and did put his records online - these people would be all over him like it's their business.  Well you know what?  It's not your business.  Megan it's not your business whether he has cancer or not.  It was not any of those housewives' business if he had cancer or not.  Own it - they didn't like him with Vicki and they wanted to break them up.  Again, I don't think it was any of their business.

Something is wrong with our society when the sense of privacy and boundaries is gone.  To my knowledge he wasn't running a fund raiser for his cancer.  If he wanted to walk around and gain sympathy for being a cancer victim - it's not my business unless I'm related to Vicki and/or Brooks in some fashion or unless it harms me in some fashion.

Honestly - you don't have anything better to do with your time than wonder whether he's got cancer?  I got a lot of things I could use help with.  Every day sex trafficking victims need help all over this country.  There's not enough beds for them in treatment.   In Los Angeles there is about 900 foster parents for 3,000 kids from what I read who need help.

Megan - instead of running around in Vicki's business - how about you hold some event to help find foster parents for these kids?  You clearly need something better to do with your time.  There are an estimated 3,000 minors on the streets right now prostituting and there's no foster parents to take them in.  You want something more productive to do than sniffing around Brooks medical records?  Call me

Thursday, October 1, 2015


As many of you know who have been following my blog and sex trafficking work for the last two years now - a Chinese woman came to me who showed me proof she had been forced to work in a sex trafficking ring that spanned this country.

To further show me her story was "real" there were three convictions of pimps in this operation in 2013 - a few months after her and I first started talking.  One of the men who was sentenced by the way in this ring was her ex-husband.  She showed me a marriage ontract wherein she was supposedly forced to marry him to enter this country.

I have a more detailed outline of the case here - but to recap in a nutshell - when she announced she wanted to "retire" after having worked for them since she was 8 years old and she's now in her 50's she told me she was carted off out of her own home, in front of her mother and son, where she was slapped with two fake prostitution charges which show on her record.

Meaning if she tries to find work anywhere - these charges will appear on her background check.  She was also told if she angered them any more with this talk of "quitting" they would harm her family back home, and get her deported back to China where these charges would result in her getting the death penalty.  Did she have reason to believe they could do this?

I point you to the recent arrest here of this man that was in a position in the Chinese government to have done just such a thing -

Now I have been trying for TWO YEARS now to try and get someone to look at this case.  I went to the Chief of Pasadena Police when this first started  I was ignored at first.  When I started putting pressure on him with the press and social media - I had this very weird "5150" campaign start up online from people I don't know, but who are connected to his office.

He's then calling me up asking me to "come down and talk to him' at the station - without asking me for either the name of the officer who called me to threaten me to "back off" the case, nor asking me the names of the officers involved in carting her off.  I then asked him DIRECTLY "why are you not asking me the names of these officers so you can take steps to ensure my safety coming to speak to you?" to which he did not reply.

Then, I'm supposed to be talking to him about a trafficking ring where there's evidence already gathered in this Wichita case.  I called down there to have the court, the judge, and the prosecutor tell me "no - no one from Pasadena has called to ask for information in this case".  Needless to say - I'm not physically going anywhere near this station!

Not when I feel I'm having this weird 5150 campaign being whipped up at me online out of nowhere and I'm beginning to feel "set up".  Not when this women is saying she was "set up" for two fake prostitution cases.  Trying to figure out if I am totally paranoid - I go online to do some research and see I'm not alone in feeling that Pasadena Police "set up" people.

It seems there's a recording of a Pasadena detective "bragging about setting up" a homicide case on someone and "how easy" it is.

Digging a little deeper - I find PETA feels they got "set up" during the Rose Bowl last year.  I would like to add something here.  Both PETA, Planned Parenthood and MYSELF have the same common enemies working against us right now.  I can prove this if you look at the cases of ACLU vs. Catholic Bishops, and the case of Agency for International Development v. Alliance for Open Society International, Inc

So I'm kicking back in my house thinking that I'm safe as long as I don't go near their station or organize any peaceful protests from being falsely arrested and maybe meet the same fate as Sandra Bland, but digging a little deeper I find this case against the Pasadena Police -

In this case, the police entered into this man's home without a warrant and took his dog to the pound upon the "claim" they "saw the dog on the street without a leash".  Now mind you no one called to complain about the dog.  No one called to say the dog had threatened them.  It was a BEAGLE also and not a pit bull.

But FOUR Pasadena officers entered into this man's home where supposedly the "lock failed" and supposedly "they knocked and no one answered" - and then upon finding the dog locked up in a bedroom they then took the dog to the pound.  Now granted, the Supreme Court ruled that they could "not enter a home unless there was an emergency situation" involved.

Now I'm understanding this case they seem to want to be building that I'm "crazy".  I say that because today I woke up to my phone ringing off the hook.  Members of Sex Workers Anonymous were calling me asking "did you see this petition to have the media stop referring to child trafficking victims or child prostitutes"and instead call them "rape victims"?  Here's more on what they were calling me about here -

Now many of these calls were coming from Nevada.  In Nevada, the legal age of consent is 15 years old first of all for sex.  Second, it is legal to therefore work in a strip club AND a legal brothel once once has reached the age of 16 years of age.  According to the brothel licensing bureau - one can legally apply to work at a strip club or legal brothel at the age of 16 years old.   They also point out to me this press conference is kicking off this campaign in CALIFORNIA where the legal age is EIGHTEEN years old for sex.  So while what they are doing technically is accurate for CALIFORNIA - it does not apply in the states where the legal age is younger.  Needless to say, these young women are HIGHLY OFFENDED that these other women are trying to tell the world to call them VICTIMS   To protect their anonymity - they ask me to "do something".  So I did.  Do you want to know why they are asking ME to "do something" and they aren't?

Let me digress for a moment here - would you like to know who is TRULY VOICELESS right now? Members, and supporters, of my work, and Sex Workers Anonymous.  I'm going to issue you a challenge right now.  I'm going to ask you to go onto Google and see if you can find one single person stating they are a "member of Sex Workers Anonymous" right now online.  I'm going to ask you if you find one group on social media of SWA members.  I'm going to ask you if you can find one single person saying that they even KNOW about SWA

Now - I'm going to point you to THIRTY YEARS of interviews with members in news articles and research projects citing how SWA and myself "saved their lives" or helped them in some manner here at  So up until THIS YEAR - I've got people saying great stuff about me and SWA in these clippings, articles, reports, emails, etc.

You will however find ONE website at set up to bash me and SWA.  ONE.  Only ONE.  It was set up AFTER I got the show "8 Minutes" taken off the air after three episodes aired and after I started trying to find someone, anyone, to come look at the evidence I have in this Pasadena case.  Now notice that this site was set up by an "anonymous" person but this person just happens ever so coincidentally to be connected TO the show "8 Minutes".  A show that was produced by Relativity Media.  Relativity Media who - now insert drum roll here please - is a partner with a Chinese government film company.  Oh and I'm sure the fact that I set up for his "pimp tour" in 2003 confessed to in Rolling Stone doesn't have anything to do with this persecution of our members and supporters either.

Now I want to ask those of you with a brain here to ask yourself why this is?  Why is it despite being around since 1987, and all these great quotes in articles, even a chapter in John Quinones book "Heroes Among Us" about my work - why will you not find one SINGLE person even admitting to being a member of supporter of SWA online today?

I will tell you why we have no one on social media admitting to even knowing us, let alone supporting or being one of us.  That's because they're being fired, threatened, stalked, received death threats, gotten evicted, had gas cans left on their porch, cyber bullied, their homes broken into, "outted", their children threatened, blacklisted, zoning guys coming out and citing them to death, and one woman even had these people telling a man who was putting written death threats against me online tell him she was "really Jody" and they SENT HIM AFTER HER KNOWING SHE HAD TWO SMALL CHILDREN AND LIVED ALONE.  Jeane Palfrey for that matter was found hung in a shed in her mother's back yard.  Attorney's who have donated us legal services have been threatened and some DISBARRED for doing so.  Supporters have found themselves threatened, fired, audited, and stalked.  Volunteers have been threatened, their homes broken into, and even been stalked.  By the way, if you care to look I have DOCUMENTATION PROVING every single statement I've just made here about this

If you don't believe me this is true - go ahead and set yourself a facebook or twitter page saying you are a SWA member and you think I'm just "kool" and you see what will happen to you in no short measure. If you receive any grant money from the federal government - mention my name to anyone in the so called "rescue" or "abolition" movement and tell me if you are not threatened with being shunned, disfunded, or outright fired, the minute you mention my name.  If you are a reporter - go and tell your editor you want a story on me and tell me if you're not threatened in some fashion  I say that because I have a list of reporters who have been fired after writing about me, and a longer list of those who had their jobs threatened if they tried to - and yes I have documentation proving this statement.  I even have emails from police officers telling me they have seen cops RUN OFF THE FORCE who supported us.

THAT'S why WE are the voiceless in the sex trafficking movement right now except for mine.  

Now I'm also going to ask you to think logically for a moment here - if this was about me being some crazy awful person or even about me at all WHY then is ANYONE else who says they are a member of SWA, or a supporter, or even likes me - WHY are THEY subjected to this reaction and/or treatment?  I mean just THINK - if this is about ME then why does ANYONE who says they are a part of our group, support us, support me, or even know me or have talked to me - why are THEY then shunned, attacked, threatened, blocked, or accused of being an "alter personality of Jody" and THEN shunned, blocked, threatened, etc.?

Now I noticed in this "No Such Thing" campaign that Russell Simmons was offering support to them.  Now let me back up for a moment here and remind everyone of the "Don't Sell Bodies" campaign headed up by Jada Pinkett-Smith last year  Jada who literally just finished doing a CNN Freedom Project special on child sex trafficking in ATLANTA (let's not go near NEVADA folks) where I watched as African American men were being shown as "traffickers" exclusively (no white guys like Chris Butler or Kemp Schiffer) and not more than a few DAYS after that - she kicks off promoting the film "Magic Mike XL" about male strip clubs  Can anyone spell hypocrisy here?

Now I ask you - please look around your red light districts in your town and answer me - did the "Don't Sell Bodies" campaign do one single thing to actually CHANGE anything?  It sure as hell boosted her online ranking however and made CNN look good.  It sure as hell got Jada on Gotham and hosting a special on CNN.  So it sure did a lot for JADA - but I ask you WHAT ABOUT US?  By the way, Jada has refused all contact with various members of SWA who have reached out to her about this campaign.  Not just me - but others as well.

What about this Chinese woman?  What about the fact that right now the heads of this Wichita ring are RESIDING in Pasadena where we have enough evidence under the RICO law to have THEM arrested - only no one will look at the evidence?  Not just the evidence about the ring. Not just the evidence about the COPS and the JUDGE who signed these papers with this false complaint.  Not just the cop who threatened me.  Nor  just about the other women all over this country right now being forced to work in these brothels, massage parlors and strip clubs because every single time someone goes to the local police where this ring is operating - THEY get threatened in the identical manner I did.

But what about them?  I have two people that have sent me documentation that they had a victim of this ring come to them for help.  How when they went to their local police in San Francisco and San Jose - THEY got threatened in exactly the same manner I did.  One man got slapped with a TRO and a GAG ORDER.  A GAG ORDER for trying to find someone in law enforcement to look at the evidence in a ring that was trafficking his ex-girlfriend.  The woman also got slapped with a TRO.  Which is ANOTHER reason why our members, and supporters, CAN'T speak up in the media or on social media.  THEY'VE BEEN SLAPPED WITH GAG ORDERS AND TRO'S FOR DOING SO.

So I went to Russell Simmons Facebook page and noticed he's championing a lot of cases of police abuse against African Americans.   I think to myself - maybe I'm going about this wrong.  Maybe because I'm talking about Chinese women - maybe that's why no one is listening.  Maybe because the girls under 18 being sold in the strip clubs and brothels in Nevada are predominately white - maybe that's why no one is listening.

So I tell myself maybe I need to pull out the race card.  I can do that because I do have African American blood in me by the way.  I went back to the "faked homicide case" to dig a little deeper because I remembered this was about an African American man.  After reading more about the case - I see it involves TWO African American men and more than just the Police - but also the Pasadena paramedics.

I decide I need to talk to the parents to find out how they feel about the fact their son is dead and all Pasadena is doing is the two step here.  After calling five phone numbers I realize every phone number for them is disconnected.  There's no facebook, no twitter, no email, etc.  I think I know why they don't have a way to find them - for probably the same reason I'm living in a moving RV now to be safe!

Here's what I'm trying to understand - I'm fighting the same people that this chick is - who is just getting THREATS against her.  However, I've had (1) my daughter mowed over by an SUV by someone in Metro who thought it was me which broke her back in three places, (2) I've had my phone, cable, TV and internet wires cut, (3) my power illegally cut off, (4) my car trashed, (5) my outreach RV stolen and then returned with a bomb in it (I have a mechanic's validation of this), (6) my brakes were tampered with in my replacement car, (7) I had my front door kicked in and then the police refused to take a report claiming that "I could have done that to get attention" myself while refusing to come dust for prints or talk to neighbors as a witness when I wasn't even in the state of Nevada then, and (8) I'm now living in an RV that I move every three days to stay safe and SHE gets all this press while I get accused of being an "angry hostile troll who can't read"?

Now what do I have to do to get SOMEONE'S ATTENTION that Houston we have a problem in the Pasadena Police Department?  How about the fact the report that was ordered by a judge to be done, that was done by another officer who now sells insurance for a living was REDACTED?  (I have the original report anyway because I saw that coming.)

Not enough?  How about the fact the Jones man who was shot in Pasadena was bipolar?  How about that his father sued the paramedics because his death was because they didn't move fast enough to get him to the hospital?  Or a claim against the police on the premise they "botched" the investigation?

I'm having people turn away from looking at any of the things I'm talking about because they say I'm "angry" and "hostile".  What I am is yes angry.  I'm also outraged.  The fact YOU'RE NOT makes me even more angry.

You know why?  Hitler didn't start off gassing Jews.  He started off gassing disabled people  Supposedly the man who invented the gassing process went to a lot of people to tell them that disabled people were being gassed.  Supposedly, he went to the Catholic Church who told him "well as long as they're not Catholics we're not going to lift a finger".  Supposedly every single person he tried to warn what was going on refused to listen to him because either they said he was "crazy" or that he was "too angry".  I ask you seriously if you witnessed disabled people being gassed to death - would not SOUND EMOTIONAL?

Which was everyone's excuse for looking away and letting this happen and NOT DOING ANYTHING.   Did we not learn anything?  Something is going on right now in Pasadena involving Asians, African Americans, women, children, animal activists, and the disabled.  Yet I can't get one single politician, lawmaker, no one on the phone except one I think wants to lock me up or worse.

I also can't get one single reporter to write about this - but boy you can write about the words we're using to describe some of these victims.  PLEASE STOP talking about our "choice of words we use" to describe this situation, or MY ATTITUDE.

Please look at THEM - the victims in this issue AND THEN GET ANGRY.

THEN wake up and realize you're BEING DUPED.  How?  Read Noam Chomsky very carefully here about the key points in "Manufacturing Consent"-  He states that "propaganda is to democracy what violence is to a dictatorship" 

Now - read where he states:

I:n America, these constraints are inherited in the following:
1) from social structure, and
2) in governmental organization
-- and together they discourage alternative strategies of action. In effect, people participate in their own domination. Media provide the information"

He goes on further:

When media news coverage of issues is bias in favor the status quo, these are the results:

1. ownership of media is held by major corporations with interests and goals similar to power elite elements of society
2. people with different views, "dissenting voices," are not heard much
3. the breadth of debate is limited
4. the official stance and institutional memory prevail and become history
5. people's interest and attention are often diverted away from issues about which they could become concerned
WHO exactly is calling out to you, the reader, the public, to "change the use of the word child prostitute"?  The petition says it was written by a 17 year old victim of child trafficking.  However, I highly doubt that a 17 year old victim of child trafficking wrote that well written of a letter, and had the understanding to even address that petition to David Minthorn originally last year when it was submitted to the Chicago Manual of Style. 

It was rejected then.  You can't change the DICTIONARY nor FACTS.  Here's FACTS - A sixteen year old in Nevada can apply for, and receive, a license to work in a strip club.  That makes her a "sex worker".  She can also apply for a license to work as a prostitute at a legal brothel.  That makes her a "prostitute".  Now unless this same girl can show she was FORCED to work at that establishment or that she was SOLD to work there - then she is either a "sex worker" or a "prostitute" NOT a "victim" that I personally have nothing to say about that.  Since 15 years of age is the legal age for sex in the state of Nevada - then she's NOT a RAPE victim.  Not unless she's raped either in or out of the club and BECOMES a "rape" victim"

Now this petition was picked up by Cosmopolitan Magazine at the very same exact time that Malika Saar, an African American attorney (not survivor), is using this petition to announce HER "No Such Thing" campaign sponsored by the McCain Institute (again not a survivor).  So it is THEY who are using this child victim's statement to exploit THEIR agenda. 

Which is to get YOU to join in agreement with THEM on this position.  Now I ask you - is this a DEBATE?  Is this a DISCUSSION?  Is this a PANEL?  Do you see EITHER an active sex worker, an active prostitute, OR a trafficking survivor OR a recovering ex-prostitute or ex-sex worker being invited to join in a discussion about what WE feel WE want to do about the disparities in our language, or what  WE think we should be called.  Do you see this is to discuss what WE are going to do about this situation? 

In fact - I ask you WHO IS BEING INVITED TO THIS CAMPAIGN LAUNCH? I'm not seeing an invite.  I'm not seeing sex workers invited.  I'm not seeing other "victims" and "survivors" being invited. 

No - I see major media asking you, the public, to JOIN THE in supporting THEM in what THEY want to do about the issues here

Well WE don't want to have all of this time, money and energy put into the subject of WHAT WORD TO CALL US.

THIS - THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I PUSHED TO HAVE SAMOLY MAM EXPOSED.  The woman was a fake.  She was siphoning off money, press, attention, support, etc. from the very REAL ISSUES.  Which is right now we have a serious problem going on in the Pasadena, California police department.  This issue is not confined to them.  We are having this problem within the San Francisco police station, the San Jose police station, AND within the jails right now.

Are you aware that TWO JAILS HAVE BEEN SHUT DOWN IN CALIFORNIA BECAUSE OF RIOTING within the last six months?  Are you aware that the Los Angeles jail "lost" a witness against the police for three days?  That when the FBI demanded this witness SHE was THREATENED?  That the ACLU got a fund and a court order demanding a corruption unit be put together to deal with Los Angeles - only almost a year later the sheriff is still fighting them from doing this?  He's refusing to hand over files to them they need? 

Were you even AWARE before now about any of this?  This is why I'm angry.  This is why I'm trying to get your attention.  And THIS is what I need people to get involved with to DO something about. 

Let me ask you something - if a man was choking to death on a cheeseburger  - would you stand around arguing about whether he was choking on the meat or the cheese - or would you realize that you need to get up and DO something before he chokes to death?  Now - if you were in a group of people standing around while this guy was choking to death DEBATING whether he was choking on the meat or the cheese instead of someone HELPING him - and if one person said "can you please shut up and DO SOMETHING" - who would you say is the "crazy" one here in reality?


Jody Williams, Founder & Director
Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous)
(702) 468-4529 Telephone

October 1, 2015

Re: Use of the Word “Prostitute”

Owners & Editors of
Associated Press
Via Email

Dear Respected Members of the Press:

First, I want you to know I respect your jobs even more now than ever since the Telecommunications Act of 1995 passed. I want you to know that had that law passed one day before it did – we wouldn't even be talking about the issue of child sex trafficking. Why? Because in the 1960's, 70's, and 80's (I don't know how old you are), the issue was considered to be so non-existent that if you spoke about it back then you were received exactly the same as if you said “aliens are abducting me and selling me for sex” today.

If you call a cop today and ask them to “go rescue a girl at such and such address because the aliens have her” - that's the reception I got when I tried during the 1980's and women were being pimped and sold by the men who were nicknamed the “Hillside Strangler”. Notice they called these two men “murderers” but NOT traffickers which is what they were before they started murdering women.

If you tried to seek a therapist for the trauma you just endured having your family's lives were being threatened if you did not comply, for being shot at, kidnapped, raped, locked in a crack house and forced to “service” 20 gang bangers and a baseball bat, or witnessed our CIA bringing boat loads of cocaine into the piers of Los Angeles in Iran Contra in the 1980's – they would lock you up for observation for “hallucinating”.

I know because when I started having anxiety attacks and sought professional help in the early 1980's – that's exactly what they tried to do to me every time I sought counseling or tried to get help. I wound up “self-medicating” on the cocaine doctors were promoting on TV talk shows back then as “non-addictive” and “mood elevators” - and wound up with a $2000 a day drug habit that drug me into Narcotics Anonymous finally where others who had witnessed what I'd witnessed because they flew those planes and sailed those boats put me back together again. So I know well the power of the media.

I had to wait until I was off probation for an arrest I suffered in 1984 where a “safe house” I had built for trafficking victims (we couldn't turn to the police and homeless shelters weren't safe and since no one believed sex trafficking was real – there were no homes for adult trafficking victims then so I created one), was dubbed a “brothel”. The only other “safe house” in the world I was aware of back then was for teens with Children of the Night. The security I had built into it (a home in a residential area wasn't safe in case there was shooting which did happen) got me dubbed the “High Tech Madam”. No one bothered to ask why I had a “brothel” two blocks from the police station. But once I was off probation, and after seeing that there were no services for us anywhere because no one believed this was even real – I embarked upon a media campaign to change things.

I had no money to buy advertising or create a marketing campaign. Mind you this was in 1987 when I stepped up so there was no fax machines, no internet, and our 800 hotline I had installed was costing me $1.00 a minute Actually even more because I had to rent an office to host an 800 phone (they weren't allowed in residential homes – so I had to rent an office just to get an 800 number back then). So the only power I had back then was the power of FREE press and media. So I did what I could do back then – I went onto talk shows, the news, the tabloid shows like 20/20 and 60 Minutes, and I even had a couple of documentaries made about my story and what I'd witnessed.

Was this dangerous? Gary Webb was a respected reporter who validated everything I was saying as true about Iran Contra and he was found dead with two shotgun blasts to the head. Coroners say it's impossible to do this. Jeane Palfrey released her “Black Book” to prove that the sex trafficking she was a victim of was in fact connected to people in the highest offices in this country such as Randall Tobias. She was found hung in a shed in her mother's backyard. Her mother's home being where she'd fled to the night before for safety because someone had been following her around all the day before. So yes what I was doing was risky. But frankly I was allowed to speak because I received the same reaction initially telling the stories of what I'd seen as if I was talking about alien abductions – at first.

Geraldo's producer suggested to me in 1988 that “if you could bring on more stories from people you'd rescued – then people would have to believe you”. I also knew from watching Linda Lovelace before me who had tried to tell her personal story – that if I accepted money for a book or movie I'd be discredited as just “trying to make money” so I refused all offers. We followed that advice and we started doing shows like Geraldo with 2, 3 and 4 survivors telling their stories also. But then the “novelty” wore off and we stopped being asked to appear on many of these shows.

But the FCC had a rule of law then that if you were speaking about an issue that was being voted upon – you had to bring an “opponent”. So in 1988, when Joe Conforte, owner of the Mustang Ranch legal brothel wanted to expand into California and further into Nevada, put a $1,000,000 up into a PR firm and embarked upon his campaign – he literally could not appear on TV or radio without an “opponent”. No one would step up against him back then but me. I wasn't threatened either because he needed me to get on the air. He lost. So at a time when everyone believed that prostitution was a “victim less crime” and when having sex with anyone under the age of 18 was NOT “statutory rape” in ALL circumstances – I beat out by myself a man who had $1,000,000 in advertising AND the hearts of men.

We built upon that and I took advantage of a weekly public access TV show I could get put on air free back then. Frances Nuyen, the actress, recorded free public service announcements that we made dubs of the tapes and sent to TV and radio stations across this country. Soon from the east to the west coast – there were commercials running late at night with our 800 # saying “if you want help to get out – call 800 #”. We made dubs of the cable show and sent those to public access all over the country as well with interviews from the MEN and women who were coming to us for help – and getting it. These were things all afforded us by the FCC's requirements that a TV or radio station had to “serve the community” by donating a certain amount of air time free to groups like ours. It gave us voices.

Sure certain corporation owned stations didn't want us on the air. Others wanted to actively try and discredit us. I got a call in 1992 that the Donahue producers were going to put an impostor of me on the air. I threatened with legal action. They sent someone to beat up a man who was demanding to be allowed to speak about male sex trafficking so he couldn't appear on that show. Finally, I walked onto that stage. But because they didn't own ALL the media – we still were able to continue talking.

But as Noam Chomsky wrote in “Manufacturing Consent” about the power of words – he said that “propaganda is to democracy what violence is to a dictatorship”. We were winning ground nonviolently. So the Telecommunications Act of 1995 was passed and suddenly our voices were silenced. Our commercials, our weekly cable shows, all went “poof”. No longer were we allowed to “oppose” anything which allowed for the rise of the fake “Samoly Mam” who defrauded Americans out of millions of dollars. More importantly, she did not speak the voice of a “true” American sex trafficking victim. The same allowed for Bill Hilliar to rise with his fake story that became the movie “Taken” which further defrauded people not only financially – but ideologically about again what AMERICAN sex trafficking is, what it looks like, what our concerns are, and our voice.

Despite this all, we saw the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed. The modern day sex trafficking movement was now a reality. However, even the author of this Act, Michael Horowitz, agrees with me it's been “hijacked”. Randall Tobias, the same man who was in Jeane's “Black Book”, came along and had the TVRA Act of 2003 passed which OVERRODE the 2000 Act. This stated that no one would receive any federal funding IF they did not “have a written policy AGAINST prostitution”. Pretty big deal when you're a 12 step program and you're not allowed to have ANY “opinion on an outside issue”.

What's the big deal? From the east to the west coast, our program was in the jails. Our program was being used as an “alternative to sentencing”, and as a condition of probation in all major cities. We had a meeting in just about every Salvation Army and Catholic Charities shelter. EVERY residential program that had prostitutes in them ALSO had a “Prostitutes Anonymous” or a “Sex Workers Anonymous” meeting in them (we had to change our name in 1995 to Sex Workers Anonymous to bypass the adult filters on computers). We had set up the first court systems in Los Angeles and Allentown in our history which afforded those considered “victims” to be given treatment instead of incarceration. Now mind you OUR programs were for EVERYONE. This included men, women, transgenders AND the LGBT community. We welcomed everyone AND we ensured ALL got help.

But because of TVRA of 2003, we were handed our pink slip in 2004 and shunned by anyone and everyone that received one dollar of federal funding. Social workers, probation officers, cops who used to hand out our flyers on the whore strolls – were all told they'd be fired if they even mentioned our name. (Just for the record – I'd like to state that the Supreme Court shot this down last year as “unconstitutional”.)

President Bush then further added that ONLY “faith based groups” could receive federal grants. Now I think you know most churches DON'T take kindly to transgenders and the LGBT community – two groups we welcome in our 12 step structure. So what happened in 2004 – was that suddenly these groups had the money, had the power of the press, AND the support of the whole legal system at the same time we were being BLOCKED from everything. What this accomplished was it completely, utterly and totally WIPED OUT all services to transgenders, men, and the LGBT trafficking victims,

Could we speak out about this injustice? No. Many publications, even radio stations, receive federal money as well as money from the church. So we were now banned from those media outlets. Leaving us to turn to media monsters like Hearst Media whose CEO, Steve Sassa, was a “john” (this is verified in the press as to why he got fired). Now let me ask you – if you were an alcoholic would you allow advertising for “Alcoholics Anonymous” and run stories on the damage alcoholism does? I think not. Meaning that those TV and radio stations that are promoting the sex industry – shut us out also.

Now for the record since people seem to have some pretty crazy ideas about us – so let me first clarify something. The LEGAL age in this country varies from state to state. Meaning that you're still a minor at 18 years of age in California. However, if you jump across the border into Nevada that age turns to 15 years old. In Nevada, a girl can LEGALLY have sex AND she can work in a strip club as well as get a license to work in a legal brothel. To my knowledge, we are the only program that has been actively doing outreach to, and going and physically picking those girls up from those combination strip club/brothels that operate in Nevada because those girls not only are too young to get a drivers license – but it's literally against the law for them to walk out of there on foot except on rare occasions.

Meaning that we might get a call from a 15 or 16 year old who is working in one of those clubs to “come and get me out of here”. There are no cabs nor buses anywhere near these. The girls are also not given their money when they quit – it's only released to their “manager”. So they're broke.
Within a LEGAL context, these girls are not “trafficking victims”. Not until a case can be built to prove they were forced to work there. They are not “statutory rape” victims either. They ARE in the eyes of the LAW either “prostitutes” or “sex workers” according to how they want to identify.

Now do I agree with this? I live a “clean and sober” life today. Meaning I don't live in a fantasy world – but the real one. I don't live in what “ought” to be or what is “tasteful” to me. A spade is a spade and a rose is a rose. My grandfather died of alcoholism. He got drunk and choked on his own vomit to death. I do not however call liquor stores “death merchants”. I do not call breweries “death machines”. I don't call up reporters and ask them to call all references to booze as “poison”. Nor do I call anyone who drinks an “alcoholic” or a “wino”. Those are subject feelings NOT FACT.

My grandmother was murdered by my grandfather shooting her with a gun five times. Now – do I call up my local TV station and when someone is shot to death and demand every time they say the word “gun” as “grandmother killer”? My mother died from smoking four packs of cigarettes a day. Now – do I call up the newspapers and state that every time they use the word “tobacco company” they instead call them “matricide factories”? No I don't. Anyone who would is either living in a fantasy world or has an agenda. Which in reality is what's happening here with this recent petition.

There has been a move in this country by people with very large pockets to try and stamp out what we here at Sex Workers Anonymous are achieving. Like Noam is trying to warn us about the power of words here - – these people are trying to control minds through the power of propaganda.

Because the Telecommunications Act of 1995 wiped out reporting and media. We are now a country of propaganda because we no longer even ALLOW dissenting opinions unless they can buy space. These people have tried to control this movement with creating fake “Samoly Mam's” they put on the podiums, on TV, and in magazines without us being allowed to have our voices heard to counter. They tried to wipe us out of the legal system with the TVRA of 2003 – but the Supreme Court struck that down. They tried to wipe us out of the movement we started with a checkbook. But the ACLU vs. Catholic Bishops judgment lost them that footing. But we're just not shutting up and going away.

So last year these people decided to try and change the English dictionary to gain control. They wrote a letter to the editor of the Chicago Manual of Style asking him to tell reporters and writers to change all use of the word “prostitute” to “rape victim”. Well that didn't fly very well. Nor did it fly when they tried to convince the UN of this word change in their meeting last year either.

So they tried to regain ground in people's minds with creating a completely staged and faked so called “reality show” called “8 Minutes” trying to further portray a “prostitute” as a “victim”. We got that show taken off the air after only three episodes. Not as a “censorship” move – but because it was being used to defraud donors and our government out of millions of dollars in grant money as well as the minds of the people as to what exactly a “sex trafficking victim is”. While they argue a young prostitute should be called a “rape victim” - I argue that a “prostitute” is not a “victim”. Anymore than Gordon Ramsey is a trafficking victim. I say that because trafficking victims exist in ANY industry.

Now they're writing to you. I propose that this country hasn't even straightened out the use of the words for “statutory rape” and “sex” with children. Not when in Nevada a 16 year old is called a “sex worker” for doing the same exact thing that if done in California would not only make her a “rape victim” but would also shut down the very place she's being marketed in and arrest those same customers. Now does calling that Nevada 16 year old legal prostitute a “rape victim” solve anything? Not one bit. Which is all the more reason why I'm saying to this THIS IS AN AGENDA.

You are our last bastion of reality here. We are becoming a society of 1984 propaganda. Especially in a world where the media just won the legal right to lie to us in the lawsuit between Akre, Wilson and Fox. I say this because to support their agenda these people have been blatantly LYING in the media for years now and it's getting worse. In an article with NBC's Marion Brooks for example, they took a woman I had served a legal “cease and desist” letter upon twice already to have her stop impersonating me in the press in order to shill for grant money and donations and they ran it anyway after I had told them in writing this woman was an impostor and that the meetings they were filming were not ours.

The FCC told me I could not only not complain about the station running this false piece of propaganda, that they could do nothing about it Further they could do nothing to allow me any equal air time to counter what was said. I was silenced about my own impersonation. Five reporters told me if they even tried to mention our name – they'd be fired. Now Fox has won all media the right to completely deceive the public also – and the legal right to FIRE anyone who refuses to report these lies. So I'm begging you as our last line of defense with truth and reality here – to please not bow to the pressure of these people to start calling things as we wish them to be instead of what they are.

If you have any questions for me – please don't hesitate to call me.

Thank you for listening.

Jody Williams

PS – for the record, we do not have anyone under the age of 18 years old sitting in our meetings calling themselves “prostitutes” or “sex workers”. Anyone under the age of 18 years old, no matter what state they are in, we refer them out to organizations to help them who are properly equipped to do so. Our members do not identify as “prostitutes” or “sex workers” either in meetings. Those are job titles and therefore not what our program is about.   

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I found an article in Cosmopolitan today saying this: Now I remember a letter identical to this going out to the editor of the Chicago Manual of Style. I wrote a long counter to that letter. Their letter to him asked that he publish in his guide that reporters should refer to "all" prostitution as "rape" and to not allow a reporter to use the word "prostitute" for adults That basically got round filed.

So now they're backing up and making this about children to try and get traction. Why? Because they lost the lawsuit that struck down how they were using money to control the language people were using that's quite powerful. if language was not the most powerful tool there is on earth - Chomsky wouldn't have devoted his career to the power of words and language. His book "Manufacturing Consent" is quite informative. Below is my temporary response. I will write a more well thought out one after I get some sleep. I was up last night talking to a woman in Vegas who had just left her pimp and she has nothing. She just turned 19 years old and no juvenile program will help her. So I was up all night talking to her, and then I got this call from Metro Internal Affairs I blogged about earlier Which means I've been up all night working with real victims and I"m tired. Dear Ms. Gupta:

It says "activists" not "survivors" and not those who work with these kids. Speaking from experience, when you call one of these kids a "trafficking victim" they have no idea what you're talking about. When they hear "trafficking victim" in the news, or documentaries, or events - they think you're talking about someone else - not them  

These kids SELF identify as "prostitutes" Much as I hate to say it but many African American's call themselves the "n" word. Now you can argue that an African American can't call themselves the "n" word and then you're going to get told "unless you're one of us don't tell us what to call ourselves". That's what's happening here. The term "victim" is a legal term. It is not what these calls call themselves at the time they're being trafficked. I have witnessed video interviews of these kids going "oh I saw you on TV" to the producers.  

The producers than said "well then why are you out here?" To which the kids said "well that doesn't apply to me" I've been doing outreach for 30 YEARS now, and I'm the FOUNDER OF THIS MOVEMENT and I can assure you that I've watched as those who call us "victims", ESPECIALLY with these kids, the kids just scratch their heads and don't think you're talking about them.  

Now if an African American can stand up and tell you that what they call themselves is up to them, not a white man, to tell them, than as a survivor of trafficking - I'm going to tell these "activists" (I know who you are too) to please stop trying to label us with words THEY are comfortable with and that THEY identify with. Yes I agree that all children under legal age are statutory RAPE victims.  

So how about we call them that? RAPE victims - because legally that's what they are. But you don't go out into the field and call them a "statutory rape victim". Do you want to know what's more useful in helping this fight? How about the fact the legal age in Nevada is FIFTEEN years of age?  

How about the fact that in Nevada SIXTEEN YEAR olds are working in strip clubs and legal brothels and they ARE NOT CALLED TRAFFICKING OR RAPE victims. How about that? Let's talk about that. The reason why we're not is because the "activists" behind this petition LOST when the TVRA of 2003 was repealed by the Supreme court. Now they're grasping at straws to try to further THEIR agenda. MY agenda when I started this movement was getting what is trafficking recognized as such so we could change our system to respond to them.  

Right now a 16 year working in a legal brothel or a legal strip club - can't call 911 and report as a trafficking victim even if being FORCED TO WORK in that club. Why? Because the system isn't even trying to understand what a "victim" is - let alone do outreach to them. Do you SEE THESE ACTIVISTS going into the strip clubs and brothels in Nevada? Hell no They won't even discuss it because they're doing busy doing nonsense like this. Fighting over WHAT TO CALL US instead of DOING SOMETHING TO HELP US. If you want to DO SOMETHING call